An Open Letter to Lovie Smith

Dear Lovie,

You're a guy, so maybe you've never experienced this. It's something many women have had to learn the hard way.

I'll get straight to it – Rex, he's no good for you. And when he's no good, you have to let him go.

You can argue all you want about his talent and his potential. You can keep thinking that if you're just loyal enough, and support him enough, he'll change. But no matter what special, wonderful qualities drew you to him (like a moth to the flame), you have to look at his actions. Sunday after Sunday – interceptions, fumbles, those eyebrows. They're always the same.

But don't blame yourself. You did all you could. It's not you – it's him. And there has to be a point when you say, I'm just not going to take it anymore. We Chicagoans all support you and want you to do well. That's why I'm writing to you today. You've got to move on.

Everyone can see it but you, Lovie. He's a loser. You deserve so much better than him. Don't settle for less than that. I just know there's a guy out there who's willing and able to give you what you need. For instance, I can think of one, named Donovan, who's also in a bad relationship right now. Give yourself some time and space to heal from this experience, Lovie. But then, maybe you should give him a call.