Baby's First Earthquake

Who would have thought, here in the Midwest, that Nola would feel the earth move? We had a 5.3 earthquake last night; mom was in the middle of feeding, and got very excited. She'd sort of missed the periodic shifting of the earth from her Bay Area years. Dad woke from sleeping to see the radiator shaking. Nola, however, was oblivious.

Our dear, sweet baby, of course, has been a monumental first for us. Every day she is a delight and a challenge. Just as active "on the outside" as she was in the womb, Nola can be very demanding in her own little way, but -- and we can't emphasize how grateful we are for this -- she hardly ever cries. She squeaks and fusses in her sleep, though, all through the night, which is hard on mom, a light sleeper. But we love her squeaky songs. Someday we have to record them.