Life in the PJs

The cable guy called them the projects. Nola's physical therapist mistook them for barracks. But really they're not so bad. Can a place with hardwood floors actually be considered a project?

Still, they're definitely subsidized housing that we couldn't afford if not for the good graces of a paternalistic entity. In this case, Princeton University. If we depended on Princeton, the City, somehow that would be less okay. Why has government aid become so stigmatized, while accepting the bounty from an enormous endowment fund brings no shame? In either case, due to economic conditions, a family cannot afford to rent housing in their community.

The answer to this is too long for one simple blogger like myself to tackle. We are lucky that our "Projects" have less crime, neglect, bureaucratic indifference, and all the other lovely problems that our brothers and sisters two blocks over, in the Princeton Township projects, have to put with. They may not be lovely to look at, but we're actually quite happy to be here.