'Scuse Me While I Kiss This Guy

Charlie and I were sitting around talking smack during the Superbowl (which, disappointingly, did not feature the Patriots or the Cowboys, so we had no stake in it, although it was a great game). We had finally seen The 40 Year Old Virgin the night before, and I was still loving the opening song by Joe Walsh. Man, that brought me back. The soundtrack from my childhood would feature many tunes from the Eagles, and former Eagles, and Paul McCartney's Wings.

Anyway, we got to comparing Joe Walsh's solo career to that of his former bandmates, Don Henley and Glen Fry. For instance, we both feel that Henley's "Boys of Summer" has this heavy vibe of "now that we Baby Boomers are older, there's nothing good in the world anymore." We can't stand this attitude in all its forms (reunion tours, 70's retro fashion, Clinton worship).

Just to annoy, I started singing the chorus, "I can see you / your brown skin shining in the sun..." and Charlie stopped me right there, laughing. Seems he always thought the lyric went "your boys still shining in the sun." Which is infinitely funnier. If only Don Henley was expressing his fond memories of male nudity on San Francisco's Baker Beach. That I could get behind. But no, it's just a cheesy song about missing life before SPF30 came along.

We would love to hear if anyone else has a good, garbled song lyric. Yes, we know there's a book. That's where this post's title came from.


Michelle said...

Ha! This made me laugh. I'm glad I checked your blog.

When I was little, I thought that the Doors song "Ghost Riders in the Sky" actually referred to "Tostadas in the Sky" Too many Taco Bell commercials, I think. I imagined them floating up there, like UFO's.

My brother still mocks me for this.

Charlie said...

Ha ha! As a former employee of Taco Bell, I approve. : )