Viva La Whatever

We stumbled upon the Grammys last night. Why are the Grammys even on a major network anymore? Why haven't they scampered off to some MTV-type network?

I guess the Grammys are for less grumpy people, people who actually believe that the most popular music is the best music. Those folks who want an authority to decide what should be "awarded," even if said authority figure consists --in the main-- of fifty-five year old record company executives wearing tiny little ponytails.

Now, Svendlor is getting old, too, so we shouldn't be deciding what's hip, either. But we can guess it's not Paul McCartney. Or Coldplay, even if Jay-Z is rapping with Chris Martin. MIA was pretty cool, but all people seemed to remember was the outfit semi-covering her nine month pregnant belly. Anyway, the point is, we won't pretend to be up on the latest musical groundswells (although Charlie certainly knows more about it than Laura!), but this mashup by DJ EarWorm certainly summarizes the past year in music better than the long-ass Grammy celebration we sat through.

p.s. the link was stolen from one of Charlie's other blogs, MuttLife.

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